Music and folklore


Kitty and Cadaver is the latest incarnation of a band that began in England in 1267, and who knows what previous versions of the band have done to perhaps be the origins of such stories! Here I share some of my favourite tales of music and magic.

The band that Kitty Carrasco is about to join is the latest incarnation of a band that began in the 13th century, with a pipe and a tabor.

Working on the Axe Principle (replace the handle and the head alternately for long enough, you’ll end up with an axe that is not the same axe, but continuity-wise can be considered the same axe), this band has existed for around 700 years.

I won’t explore that notion further yet, except to point out that, given its long history operating in Europe and the British Isles, it struck me that obviously, there must be many legends that exist in that landscape which either talk about that band (whatever they called themselves at the time) or bands/musicians like them.

That idea made me think of the Pied Piper. Maybe one day I will write a story of what really happened in Hamelin.

Of course, then I started thinking about other music-related folklore.

The end result of all that thinking is that I found this book – Troubadour’s Storybag: Musical Folk Tales of the World, by Norma J Livo.

In future posts, I’ll look at some of these folk takes – maybe retell a few in the context of the Kitty and Cadaver universe. I’m particularly interested in the stories of singing bones, and musical animals, and the Irish tale in this book of “The Bee, the Harp, the Mouse and the Bum-Clock”!

If you know of any music-related folklore, feel free to tell me about it here!

New to Kitty and Cadaver? Find out about the project in About Kitty and Cadaver or start from chapter one at Read the Book.

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