Coveting Art

le_pianoquarium_by_aquasixio-d4xy3uqThe Kitty Project is as much about the ways in which art, music and storytelling combine as about the actual story. Sometimes I blog about music, art and storytelling in combination.

It was while poking around Deviantart one day that I discovered the art of AquaSixio, otherwise known as Cyril Rolando, a clinician psychologist working in Southern France. Just cast your eyes over to the right there, and marvel at the marvellousness. Isn’t it gorgeous and strange and… well… marvellous? As in, to be marvelled at?

I found his work while I was in the earlier stages of planning the Kitty and Cadaver universe, and one day, if this project goes well, I may ask Cyril to design a book cover or an album cover for me. I don’t know if he takes commissions, but dear lord, how I covet a piece of his work for my very own.

My favourite works of his are all of them. No, I mean, my especially favourite favourites are the pieces with music as a central theme. I find them haunting, magical, darkly whimsical, surprisingly playful and altogether glorious. The raging drummer in the volcano, the leaping fish piano, the singer disintegrating mirror balls, the deer harp. If I keep going I’ll just describe all of them.

rage_by_aquasixio-d53kwwpThese images, for me, tap into the well of music and how it feeds into (and through and back again) nature and emotion. Each time I look at one of these images, I get a hum in my heart of excitement, and a hum in my brain that encourages me to examine the elements of each picture, both individually and as a whole.

These pictures speak to me. They don’t always say the same thing when I look at them – the art and I appear to be having a dialogue. But isn’t that you want out of art (any art – music or writing or painting or craft), that it speaks to you and you find you always have something to say back?

Now I’m dishing out all kinds of poet-babble. Suffice it to say I love Cyril Rolando’s work, I aim to own some one day, and, with his permission, I am sharing some of my favourite AquaSixio pieces with you today, both music- and writing-related.

You can see Cyril’s entire portfolio – and yes, buy prints – via his website, Sixinside.

And, why yes, I am saving up for a number of the pieces you see here today. šŸ™‚

Do you have any music/art/story combos to share?

New to Kitty and Cadaver? Find out about the project in About Kitty and Cadaver or start from chapter one at Read the Book.

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