Story Told 1: Wieliczka Salt Mine

Wieliczka salt mine (1)In Untold Story 1, I invited readers to give me their ideas of what happened to one incarnation of the band down in the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Krakow. Sally Koetsveld answered the call, and here is her fabulous poem/story!

The Horror In The Deep
From deep below a tinkle
Crystal chimes discordant
Chink, chink, chink the heartbeat
Of the deep, echoing from the core
Of the earth.
Down, down, down.
Crystalline, pink, white ,blue
Hollow and full
Form and formless.

What horror waits for you?

No golem, no cthulu
but all the same it seeks
to freeze, to frame, to light.

A dwarf in search of perfect gems?
An ogre in search of food?
Not these either.

In the deep it sings to you, for you, at you.

In the deep, deep, deep.
Below the lake that is not a sea, not an ocean
But the portal to the core of the earth
It sings.

An Artist surfaces.

Keen eyes and many deft hands steal the music played to soothe the restless
Dead, and with magic of its own, uses the music to
Carve in the salty rock a curse, an invocation, a dark blessing hidden in the shape of the would-be Saviour.  It has a sense of humour, that Dark Artist, that Magician.

The salt caverns ring with delicate beats as the Artist claims more souls
Crystalising them into their sculptures.  Their hearts still beat and tingle.

Even now, when visitors grace those caverns they hear the whispers of those trapped souls, the loudest and oldest the Bard and Saviour who tried to quell the Magic Beast and was turned into its first creation.

Tread quietly and listen.
Sing his song.
You may yet free them all.

  — Sally Koetsveld

Thank you Sally for playing with us in the Kittyverse!

Another Story Told for the salt mine is by Yvon Hintz: read Breath of God.

Kitty and Cadaver is the latest incarnation of a band that began in England in 1267. Their mission? Protect the world from the things that hide in the dark, using magic through music. The Untold Story posts show fragments of their 700 year history. The details have been lost in time – so I invite you to imagine what the story could be.

Stay tuned for the next Untold Story!

New to Kitty and Cadaver? Find out about the project in About Kitty and Cadaver or start from chapter one at Read the Book.

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