Reader’s Story: I Am Old, I Am Deep by Sally Koetsveld

I’m about forty kinds of excited that Sally Koetsveld was inspired by the Kittyverse to write the following story. If the muse ever strikes you for Kitty related art, words, music or craft, please feel free to share it here!

I Am Old, I Am Deep

by Sally Koetsveld

I am The Monster In The Deep.
I have lived under this earth for longer than your kind has existed.
I don’t know whether I was here At The Beginning, but I do know I was stardust, and that this earth was very young when I became aware.

I nourish the things that grow in my earth, the microorganisms and the mightiest of gums.
It is my home, and I love it.

But I am unhappy with you,  bipedal surface dwellers.
You are poisoning my home and breaking my song.
The discordant bellowing vehicles, the racket of your machinery
the muck flowing from your homes and factories, all the electrical forces.
They are evil. I detest them.  They have woken in me a ferocious, seething anger.
I need the world to live in harmony.  The things I nourish need the world in harmony.
I need to destroy all you have done to my earth, my home.  I need to fix my song.

I am awake now.  I am not evil.  I am very unhappy with you.
I rumble to warn you – I shake my fists.
I will fight back, unless you tame the clamor of your dirty surface and bring it into my harmony.
I will fight.

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