I <3 Vampire Songs

I love a good song about vampires. Note I said ‘good’. Things like Dracula, Cha Cha by Bruno Martino are good as novelty songs, but really, I’m all about the heartfelt odes to bloodsuckers of the night.

Back in the day, I was a huge fan of Jon English. He sang songs about murder (Hollywood Seven) and gift-giving for the impoverished and in love (Six Ribbons) – and this lovely song about Carmilla, presumably named for the character in the 1872 novella by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. Carmilla predates Dracula by a quarter of a century and is a whole lot more lesbian than Stoker’s book.

(The aspect ratio is out on this video, but the other version I found was out of synch. Sigh.)

Next: okay, it may be obvious, but Sting’s Moon Over Bourbon Street is great. Moody, stylish and full of longing.

Anyone who knows me also knows what a big fan I am of Fall Out Boy. They play with horror imagery all the time, especially in the clips related to their new album, Save Rock and Roll. That album contains Alone Together, with its giveaway lyrics of “we could stay young forever’ and “I’m outside your door, invite me in”. The video is the fourth of the proposed 11, one for each song on the album. The videos viewed together, in order, tell a story. A very worrying story. Possibly of a band that ate a bad prawn before coming up with the idea. (Well, I say that, but I still love the wild excesses of each of the clips. Maybe I just have a thing for Captain Hook!Crazy-Eyes!Patrick Stump.)

But first there was the video for A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More ‘Touch Me’. (Note that it starts with a lot of screaming, so you might want to have the audio down if you’re at work.)

What are your favourite vampire songs! Gimme linkage, people!

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9 thoughts on “I <3 Vampire Songs

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  2. Narrelle,

    If you haven’t come across Tom Smith’s /PQR/ (PeloQuin’s Rap), I hope you enjoy it. It’s my favorite vampire song, usually performed with strategic hissing by Rob Wynne (autographedcat.com) or Bill Sutton (www.bsutton.com/bill).


    PS, What’s a cordial? Amaretto, or something?

    • Cordial is a concentrated fruit syrup: you add water to it to make flavoured water. My research indicates the nearest North American thing is Kool Aid, although that is powdered rather than liquid, and that otherwise, syrups like this are used only to make cocktails. We use lime cordial in some cocktails, but, yeah, mainly it’s a kids’ drink designed to make water less boring. Some companies make cordial for more adult tastes, though. One of my favourites does a blood orange and cardamom syrup. Here’s one company, if you want to look into it further: http://www.millamolong.com.au/cordial

      (And the story will have a very short explanation for non-Australian readers in due course.)

      The lyrics of that rap are fabulous!

      • He’s got a bandcamp page, but PQR is only downloadable, with its album “Who Let Him In Here?”, from his main site ($8). Of the 15 songs on his album, 6 are some of my all-time favorites, including Superman Sex Life Boogie, A Boy and His Frog (Henson Tribute), & PQR.

      • (Headslap) Duh! I’ve actually *had* cordials, visiting family in Norway. They call it “saft,” or fruit syrup. Hot Solbaersaft (black currant) is a sovereign cold remedy. 🙂 M’wife also assumed a cordial had to be alcoholic, so that’s 2 continents’ worth of ignorance you can cure with a single blow!

        Similarly, there’s a new-ish zero-calorie liquid called “Mio” here in the States, and Kool-Aid’s direct descendants: tubes of powder sized for bottled water.

    • I loved that song before I loved vampire stories in general. It might also explain Jon English; I have a reference to his dark-eyed, somewhat weathered look in one of the Gary & Lissa books, with Gary noting that JE looks like, but is not in fact, a vampire…

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