The skulls of Hosier Lane

Paper skullThere’s a joke that you know you’re a Melburnian when you know the difference between street art and graffiti. The Melbourne City Council even has a policy these days, and commissions street art for locations such as Union Lane (off the Bourke Street Mall) and Hosier Lane, off Flinders Lane to the east of Swanston Street.

Hosier Lane has recently been repainted and has a lot of fresh, interesting, vibrant new street art. I visited it on my way to seeing some of the Melbourne Now exhibitions at the Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square, so it was a very arty day indeed. 

Among the pieces were three skulls – one the papered-on version of a smaller one tucked into an alcove. None of them have the odd appeal of VEXTA’s kissing skeletons (papered-on art that has popped up all over the city streets, including LaTrobe Street, but I find them fascinating and engaging all the same. All that prettyfied death.

The skull closest to the Flinders Street end is this one that weeps colourful diamonds.

Weeping Skull

Further down, in its alcove, is the little version of the skull shown at the top of the post.

mini skull

In between these elegant reminders that ‘this, too, shall pass’ are a number of anatomically correct hearts. A simple little love heart just doesn’t cut it any more. I can’t say I’m sorry. I covet an anatomically correct heart necklace myself.

Do you have any favourite macabre street art? Share the info!

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