The Halloween Playlist (and some bones to munch)

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Poisoned Toffee Apples by Not Quite Nigella

Happy Halloween, one and all! (If you don’t do the Halloween thing – that’s fine, obviously, but what the hell: why not watch a trashy horror flick anyway? Something like Ginger Snaps; or mainline some eps of Supernatural. You know you want to.)

As for the rest of us: whether you celebrate the event US style with trick-or-treating, Samhain-style with pagan ritual, movie-buff style with a horror film marathon, or just think it’s a great excuse for a party, have a fabulously spooky day/night.

If you’re having a party and looking for some last minute ideas, I can highly recommend Not Quite Nigella’s food blog. She has a recipe for Snow White’s Poisoned Candy Apples, meringue bones, beating heart cupcakes and skull sugar cubes (not to mention the Misfortune Cookies and the Jack Skellington cupcakes!)

Now the food is sorted, what about a playlist? I’ve written about my favourite vampire songs before, but what about the songs about witches, ghosts and werewolves?

Well, here are a few tracks to get you started.

If you want to kick off with something a bit more mellow, there’s Australian band The Devoted Few with Baby, You’re a Vampire, with it’s mesmerising 3/4 beat.

Another waltz-time song that always makes me feel a bit weepy, tell the truth, is Anna Rose by J Minus. I’m not sure it’s strictly a song about a ghost, but it gives me that feeling – a lost love that comes to dance with his girl in her dreams. It’s certainly a haunting of sorts. Here’s a cute fan video I found for it.


While we’re on the Halloween Love Song theme, Short Stack says I’ll Be Your Werewolf.

And if you’re really sick of all those sweet, loving monster songs, I hear you – so have a dose of Avenged Sevenfold and their zombie song Not Ready to Die.

If you’d like to end on a more thoughtful but no less creepy mood, I’d suggest Lemon Jelly’s Experiment Number Six. This fanvid uses some great imagery.

Of course, there’s always Spirit Got Lost by Mental As Anything if you want to perk things up a bit. I can’t find a version of the original clip, which was full of skeletons dancing, to embed, but it lives over here. In the meantime, the song:

So there’s a list to kickstart your Halloween playlist. What monsters have I missed (well, I know Frankenstein’s monster isn’t there) and can you suggest songs for them?

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