Cue fanfare for an exciting announcement!

YukaI am absolutely delighted to announce that I now have an agent! Alex Adsett of Alex Adsett Publishing Services has taken on me and Kitty and Cadaver – and the planned future books in the series – as of November 2014.

I’ve known Alex for some years, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that she loved the book and wants to find a publisher for it. It’s also wonderful to not have to worry about that side of things. I can get on with plotting and then writing the next Kitty and Cadaver novel – with its working title of Ravens and Rivers – while Alex does all that hard graft of getting publishers interested.

The first three chapters are still online here if you want a taste of the book, and of course the side projects of the jewellery made from broken instruments, the songs for each chapter and (we hope one day) the comic book Demon of the Earth, are still being done in collaboration with fabulous artisans, musicians and artists.

I’ll keep blogging here about the elements of the project and of course news, if and when it comes, of a publisher!

– Narrelle M Harris


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