Music in my bones

Fanny Devert skull and music 1At St Kilda’s craft market last Sunday, I came across the lovely mixed-media work of Fanny Devert.

I love art that repurposes other media to make something new, and of course I was immediately attracted by the pictures of skulls painted over backgrounds of sheet music.

Ms Devert, who is here from France, does lovely, bold art along with some elegant, delicate pieces. I love her dancers and her flowers, too.

Fanny Devert fishApart from the music skulls (and the bookpage skulls) the other piece that called to me in a seductive siren song was a gorgeous picture of a koi carp. It doesn’t relate to any of my books. I just think it’s beautiful.

Alas, all of my wallspace at work and at home is already covered in pictures, but I did pick up a large card version of the skull and music picture at the top right here, a perfect representation of Kitty and Cadaver.

Death and music. Art made from old things, making them new again.

See more of Fanny Devert’s work and find out what markets she’s at on her Facebook page.

New to Kitty and Cadaver? Find out about the project in About Kitty and Cadaver or read the first three chapters at Read the Book.

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