Music and harmonies for Gretel’s Lullaby

The writing of Gretel’s lullaby happened before I’d even started the first chapter, while I was still working out the shape of the story and plotting it out. I’m glad I wrote it early on as it influences a lot of how the plot evolved.

It’s meant to be a song for two male voices – Gretel’s two daddies – but I only had the one melody line originally. In playing with the Finale program, I finally had a go at producing a harmony for it as well.

The idea of the lyric is that Alex and Kurt want strength, courage and independence for their daughter, though naturally they want to protect her too. A lullaby is meant to be soothing and easy to sing, too, so I hope I achieved that with both the melody and harmony lines.

Here is the score:

Gretel_39_s_Lullaby_HarmoniesOf course, now I know more about how Finale works, I should probably re-do the whole thing with the correct notation that the whole thing’s in the key of F, instead of marking each B Flat separately.

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