About the Creators

Kitty and Cadaver came about because Narrelle M Harris loves books in which rock and roll bands save the world from monsters. There aren’t enough of them, so she decided to write one. Of course, being a book about a band meant that the book had to contain songs. So, in collaboration with Jess Harris, Narrelle wrote some.

Then Narrelle began to get more and more creative ideas to do with this budding universe – like the creation of jewellery made from broken instruments, like the character Yuka wears, and the backstory of that character through a comic book. Some of the projects are underway and some are waiting until we work out how to fund them, but there are plans!

I love the idea of people responding creatively to the series, so if you ever feel inspired by this work to create music, art, fan fiction and so on, provided these works are on a creative commons non-commercial license and that you credit Narrelle M Harris/Kitty & Cadaver, please have fun with it.

If you do create something in response to the story and songs – in Deviantart, Tumblr or anywhere else – please let us know by emailing kittyandcadaver@gmail.com so we can link to your work from this site.

About Narrelle M Harris

Narrelle HarrisNarrelle M Harris is a writer of non-fiction as well as crime, horror, fantasy and erotica. Lately she’s become a songwriter as well, in collaboration with her niece Jess Harris, to fill the world of Kitty and Cadaver with music and magic.

Narrelle’s books include:

See more of Narrelle’s writing at her website.

About Jess Harris

Jess HarrisJessica. Writer of songs. Bouncer of ideas. Pusher of boundaries. Thinker of thoughts. Jess has been riding the cosmic wave of life with music pulsing through her veins since day 1 and has come an awful long way since fooling her primary school piano teacher into thinking she could sight read!

Although born in Melbourne, she grew up somewhere less exciting, and as soon as she was able to, she returned to the mother ship to pursue her rock and roll dreams. After 3 years spent cutting her teeth in the industry as a guitarist/ vocalist/songwriter in Melbourne based band Vermillion, Jess grew into a skilled and passionate musician with a unique style of song. Currently playing with Melbourne bands Bad Uncle and Zutroy, as well as her solo stuff, she is also super excited about involvement in creative collaborations. Having already co-written the odd song or 2 with her aunt, at the end of 2012 when Narrelle pitched the idea for Kitty and Cadaver, naturally she said HELL F*CKING YEAH!

Follow Jess’s music at the Jess Harris Bandpage

About Nathan Holden

Nath HoldenNath Holden is a Melbourne illustrator and musician, creating the Kitty and Cadaver banner, crest and all developmental artwork for the project.  With his art, Nath is working on a series of portraits and fan art at present and has several graphic novels in the works. He hopes to have his first art exhibition by mid 2014. Nath came on board the Kitty and Cadaver project because he felt really engaged with the concept.  “The story can go off in many different directions, story-wise and artistically. There are lots of different things you can create visually with this story, with lots of interesting characters, which is an artist’s dream.”

See more of Nath’s work at Nath Holden – Illustrations and nathholden.com

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