Meet the band

Kitty Carrasco: singer and keyboard player

Kitty21 years old; Australian of Chilean and Scots heritage.

Kitty taught herself to play keyboards on keys secretly painted on a table. She hasn’t yet actually played a keyboard. She longs to find out why her late grandparents forbade music in their house, and to find out what really happened to her parents, because she thinks the story of them dying in a car crash is not the whole story.

Steve Borman: singer and bass player

Steve58 years old; Texan.

Steve is astonished to still be alive after 43 years with this band under three different band names. He very much hopes to live long enough to retire, and thinks he’s found the perfect candidate to replace him in Stephen Maclean. He hopes Stephen lives long enough to take up the offer. He also has a plan to protect Alex and Kurt’s orphaned daughter, Gretel.

Sal D’Souza: singer and guitarist

Sal27 years old; Portuguese Indian from Goa.

Sal is devastated by the death of his best friend, Alex Torni, and by having to ritualistically destroy Alex’s body when vampires turned him. He is haunted by nightmares of the things he did and didn’t do on that mission. He is determined to ensure Alex and Kurt’s baby daughter, Gretel, is looked after, even if he thought it was foolish of them to have her.

Yuka: singer and drummer

Yuka30 years old; Japanese.

Yuka is small, fierce and full of rage after her heavy metal band accidentally raised a demon that killed everyone but her, a decade ago. She managed to defeat the demon, but to this day wears wrist guards made of the smashed remnants of her band’s instruments as a memento mori. One day she may make her peace with what happened then. Until that time, she remains pretty pissed off at demonkind.

Stephen Maclean: singer and bass player

Stephen24 years old; Australian of Koori and Irish heritage.

His Irish grandmother always thought Stephen had The Gift; he’s certainly accidentally set fire to things, made plants grow, and generated witchlight ever since puberty. He is intrigued by the idea that all this weird stuff he can do when he sings has a purpose. He likes the idea of the band, and may even join, if Steve Borman would just stop telling him how dangerous and impoverished that life is, and if he makes it alive through his first encounter with the undead.

Laszlo Kantor: roadie and violinist

Laszlo50 years old; Hungarian.

Laszlo appointed himself the band’s roadie in Budapest when Rome Burning came to address a little vampire infestation problem. He doesn’t seem to have any music magic, although he plays a 500 year old magic-infused violin with great skill. Laszlo hasn’t played for a long time because of a bad choice he made for what he thought were good reasons when he was younger. He’s hoping his time with the band will redeem him, at least in his own eyes.

All art by Nath Holden

New to Kitty and Cadaver? Find out about the project in About Kitty and Cadaver or start from chapter one at Read the Book.

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