Ashes to Ashes, Banjo to Jewellery

The jewellery project is going very well, with KRin Pender-Gunn joining the team. Look at the pretty things she makes!

Recently, the lovely Aaron Jelbart donated a dead banjo to the cause. It was in his garage waiting to go to landfill, so he was especially excited to give it to the project to be made into new art. Here is the poor thing:

When its parts have been made into jewellery, I’ll post more pictures.

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The Kitty Jewellery Project: Introducing Breanna Handfield

Woven guitar string necklace and bracelet by Breanna Handfield

Woven guitar string necklace and bracelet by Breanna Handfield

Kitty and Cadaver: Not the Zombie Apocalypse has reached its conclusion, but there’s plenty more juice in the engine. I’m already planning the second book in the series, and of course the various side projects, while delayed, are still planned.

To that end I am very delighted to announce that the Kitty Jewellery Project to make jewellery from reclaimed musical instruments (that would otherwise be thrown away) is going ahead, with Breanna Handfield as our first craft/jewellery partner, and Amy Chidgzey as our second!

Necklace: cello bridge, agate, baroque pearls by Breanna Handfield



I have been at the Continuum X convention this weekend, promoting Kitty and selling some of Breanna’s beautiful jewellery and hair sticks, made with guitar strings, clarinet reeds, cello bridges and violin bows.

Breanna is a costumer and crafter, currently working as a costumer for a Melbourne production of a play attributed to Oscar Wilde. She has created all of these items herself and each piece is unique.

Whatever we don’t sell this weekend will be listed on our Kitty and Cadaver Etsy store!

Violin bow and crystal hair stick

Violin bow and crystal hair stick by Amy Chidgzey

Of course, we’ll be producing more jewellery and hair sticks – using the broken violins and parts donated by luthier Tom Ferguson, the piano donated by Eddie Tichelaar and guitar strings donated by various musicians, including RGB Radio and Tim Cav of Dr Dupree. We remain on the look out for more donations of broken instruments/parts to use in repurposed jewellery that allows the beauty of an old instrument to live on.

Future jewellery may incorporate lyrics from the songs or quotes from the text. If you have a favourite line you’d like incorporated into a necklace, bracelet, earrings or other jewellery, send us a request and we’ll see what we can do!

Interested in donating to or being part of the Kitty Jewellery Project? Visit the Jewellery project page.